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My   name   is   Al   Wingate   and   I   have   been   active   as   a   stamp   collector   for   more   than   fifty years   and   recently   have   taken   up   part   time   dealing   in   the   hobby.      I   have   been   buying collections   and   estate   lots   for   several   years   and   now   have   a   very   good   inventory   of stamps   to   sell.      I   attend   shows   and   bourses   throughout   the   year,   check   out   my   section on   where   I’ll   be   if   you   like   to   shop   in   person.      I   recently   decided   to   create   this   web   site to   let   people   know   what   I   have   to   offer.      Browse   around   and   see   if   anything   interests you.      I   can’t   possibly   list   even   a   small   fraction   of   individual   items   in   my   stock   so   I encourage   you   to   send   an   email   with   your   want   list.      I   promise   prompt   replies   to   all queries. I   have   worldwide   stamps,   souvenir   sheets   and   covers.      My   Canadian   stock   of   material is   quite   complete   with   many   of   my   bourse   customers   telling   me   I   have   the   most complete   stock   of   sheets,   booklets,   and   plate   blocks   they   have   ever   seen   at   a   show.     Besides   Canada   I   have   strong   inventory   of   Great   Britain   including   Prestige   Booklets, mint   sets,   early   plate   number   varieties,   sheets   and   PO   presentation   packs.      Many   other countries   are   very   well   stocked   and   I   have   something   from   just   about   every   issuing authority that ever issued postage stamps.  Prices   shown   are   catalogue   values   and   I   charge   70%   for   mint   never   hinged,   50%   for mint   hinged,   and   60%   for   used,   all   in   Canadian   dollars,   not   US   dollars.      For   some items,   I   just   show   “MP”   which   is   my   price   for   the   item.   For   high   volume   customers   I   offer additional discounts. In   Canada   payment   may   be   by   cheque,   money   order,   electronic   transfer,   or   major   credit card.      For   orders   outside   Canada   cheques   and   International   Money   orders   can   be   in Canadian   funds   or   US   funds,   with   one   US   dollar   accepted   as   $1.25   CDN,   or   electronic transfer or credit cards may be used. Orders   under   $30.00   please   add   $2.00   for   shipping,   orders   over   $30.00   will   be   shipped at   my   cost   using   lowest   cost   postal   service.      Any   shipping   service   requested   above lowest   cost   will   be   at   customer’s   expense   and   will   be   agreed   to   before   shipping.      As   a stamp   collector,   I   will   use   Canada   Post   issued   stamps   to   pay   shipping   costs,   not metered postage. I    guarantee    that    any    material    shipped    will    be    as    described    and    I    will    refund    any payments   if   you   as   a   customer   are   not   satisfied   and   return   the   material   to   me   within   30 days   of   receipt.      I   will   even   accept   returns   if   you   just   change   your   mind   about   wanting the   material,   but   in   that   case   I   would   expect   that   you   pay   the   return   postage.      This return   policy   cannot   apply   to   large   collections   where   it   is   impossible   to   verify   what   is returned.

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Big Al’s Stamp Emporium
Brandon show has been cancelled Apr 14, 2024 Best Western Hotel in Headingly, 10am - 4pm Apr 20-21, 2024 Regina Coin Club Show Italian Club, Regina SK May 4-5, 2024 Wpg Philatelic Society Show Access Center, West St. Paul, MB May 12, 2024 Best Western Hotel in Headingly, 10am - 4pm