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Scott #158 VF MNH Unitrade CV=$700.00 My Price is $475.00
Unitrade 192i in upper left corner in blk of four with 3 normal 192’s. F to VF MNH Unitrade CV=$160.00 My Price is $110.00
Scott #124 Used VF with 1896 Registration Cancel Scott CV=$750.00 My Price is $375.00
Scott #910-14 MNH Scott CV=$87.50
Scott #1042-46 MNH Scott CV=$60.00
Scott #1418a  MNH pair Scott CV=$9.00
Scott #1488-90  MNH Scott CV=$30.00
Scott #B404a MNH Miniature sht of 11 Scott CV=$20.00
Top row of booklet 586a Misprinted, used My Price is $10.00
Scott #605 Top pair normal Bottom pair print shifted, used My Price is $21.00
Unitrade #648i and ii, ghost print of red and red vertical streak on one stamp, not listed this way. My Price is $6.00
Scott #434a Cancelled Scott CV= $20.00
Scott #1080 Miniature Sheet of 4 MNH Scott CV=$150.00
Scott #2872-4 Three Miniature Sheets of 4 MNH Scott CV=$45.00
Scott #393a rarely seen S/S MNH but appears to be issued without gum Has vertical crease top to bottom through right hand stamp CV= $80.00  My price is $30.00
Scott #552a S/S imperf MNH CV=$9.50
Scott #1766 S/S MNH CV=$4.75
Scott #298 S/S CV=$2.40
Scott #’s 10-21 Complete Set Very lightly hinged CV=$417.00
Scott #’s 508a-g in block of 25 Showing green cross MNH CV=$76.00
Scott # 1775a Prestige booklet complete MNH CV=$19.00
Scott # 2199a-2201a in Prestige booklet MNH CV=$21.00
Scott # 929 Sheet of 6, a-f MNH CV=$2.75
Scott # 1042 Sheet of 9, a-l MNH CV=$3.25
Bileski private Courier Post Wpg. to Pembina 1982 MNH sheet of 15 My Price is $8.00
Scott #C76 Cancelled Scott CV=$3.00
Scott #1077 Cancelled Scott CV=$6.00